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Finnegan came into foster as a 7-day old

Finnegan came into foster as a 5-day old single orphan in reasonably good physical condition with excellent weight. He passed his intake exam with no problems and received his PenG injection. He was on half strength formula for the first day and is now on 75%, tomorrow he will transition to full strength formula. He [...]

Finnegan came into foster as a 7-day old2021-06-15T20:18:06-04:00

Today’s lesson is from Stitch and Peyton

Today's lesson is from Stitch and Peyton. The girls are going on 4 weeks old now and today was our first litterbox success. Begin offering a litterbox with non-clumping litter (I use white clay) around 3-4 weeks of age. Use is instinctive, no need to teach, but you do need to assure the box is [...]

Today’s lesson is from Stitch and Peyton2019-08-15T16:07:28-04:00

Day 4

Day 4, 9:00 AM: All eating well, gaining weight, good urine and stool (YAY!!). LESSON: Weigh kittens daily. Any of you who may have attended one of our classes or workshops know how absolutely adamant we are about weighing orphans daily and keeping track by writing it down. Even someone new at fostering can notice [...]

Day 42019-08-15T16:07:30-04:00

Day 3

Day 3, 6 AM: Another good day! All have gained over an ounce and have that wonderful body "feel"...difficult to explain, but anyone who has ever bottle fed will understand...they just feel very solid and active. Eating well, good urine, all but one little boy have had a good stool, eyes now all open and [...]

Day 32019-08-15T16:07:32-04:00

Day 2

Day 2, 6 AM: Quiet night, everyone ate well at 2-3 hour intervals, eating about 15 cc's each. Bedding change needed this morning as one had pooped between being pottied at 3:30 AM and first check (after a quick 2 hour nap for me) at 5:45 AM. Easy to tell that it was our little [...]

Day 22019-08-15T16:07:34-04:00

Day 1

DAY 1, 6 PM: New nine day olds came into foster today. We are going to follow them the next few days and let them teach us a few lessons. These little ones arrived in a very typical manner. Employees at a CVS heard meowing in the trash compactor behind the store; they dug through [...]

Day 12019-08-15T16:07:36-04:00
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